Design & Developing

To keep ahead of the market, you need to check that you are meeting customer needs and anticipate what customers may require in future. The key to this process is research, design and development, whether you sell goods or provide services.

The design and development process should examine all the potential risks and hurdles you will need to overcome to get the product to market. For example, it should look at whether the product meets a market need and whether it will sell at the price needed to make a profit. It involves defining the specification and the design of your product or service through drawings, models or prototypes.

Some might say design and development are different. That development is the follow up to the design phase. My experience is that there is no difference because as you develop, you are still designing. Design is developing. From the moment you begin, you are developing an idea. You design through development. The only difference would exist if there are numerous people involved. If you pick up a design effort from one person, and you develop that idea, you might consider yourself the developer of another person’s design. Essentially to develop that idea, you might be working with a different set of tools. Like a contractor looking at a set of architectural prints. In which case, the contractor might develop the idea from a conceptual idea to a practical building idea. And from this point of view, then the builder develops the contractor’s idea of construction as he picks up a hammer to build a house. All three, the designer, the contractor and the builder are all developing an idea. In certain ways they are all designing their prospective areas of expertise, to create the end result. No project is ever completed without designing the various methods. I learned from designing a couple of websites, that designing the initial ideas, meant I was only capable to perform those ideas under certain constraints. As programmers took my ideas they designed the websites as close to my representation as they could. So today, I believe those projects are just as much theirs as mine. We all designed and developed the sites. A good question might be further stated as: ‘Where does design end and development begin?’ This would be harder to answer but essential in producing a team who’s respect for design is coupled with a respect for developing that design.-TEAM 10G SPECTRUM