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As the world is getting towards digitization it is important that every business, every industry must move online. Online News portal plays a key role in educating and informing people with the latest updates, current happenings around the world. Talking about its development, A news portal development company handles all the operations that are about to take place in its development stage. Nowadays, people don’t have sufficient time to read the printed newspaper which covers yesterday’s happening in general, so they are keen always to follow web portals or Electronic Media for getting the latest news.



How much does a School website cost?

School website cost starts from 25k

Is your school website based on CMS?

No, your website i not based on CMS but our website is under the company only.If you want to make any changes you can tell to your dedicated mentor to change


This program is hosted to help small school to digitally with an affordable price

How much long it take to a website to finish?

It usually take 1-3 weeks. it may vary according to your requirements and response from you

Do you offer customer support?

Yes we give customer support for each clients an dedicated team and they will help you about your quires and more .

Do you offer website maintenance package?

Yes we give the maintenance package with the website.But there are some restriction on some packages and that will telled you on the purchase

Do you want to renew all years?

Yes you will have to renew our services to continue without any block

What is SAAS agreement?

SAAS (Software As A Services) Agreement it means you are agreeing our servies are as online software service.

Did we want to sign the agreements or we can use without sign?

No, without agreeing our Terms & Conditions , Privacy Policy and other agrements that includes your selected package you can't purchase or use our services.